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Our Story

This is a story all about how COVID flipped our lives upside down, so we'd like to take a minute, just sit and scroll, we'll tell you how we became the guys who started Packin' Bowls!

 (we promise our food is better than our rhymes)

In 2020, after years of working in the hospitality industry, disaster struck the world. COVID-19 was the beginning of a new era of life. We have always thought our careers in the food and beverage industry would survive any challenges, I mean everyone has to eat right? unfortunately that was not the case, Sam and I were both Furloughed, and although we had no idea what the word meant, it changed our lives as we know it.

For the first time in years of work, we had no jobs, no income and more time off than we can ever know what to do with. Our creative minds had to think of a way to get back to work! (admitted we might be a bit workaholic) We needed to do what we love, hospitality, food, service and seeing that smile of a customer face when they tasted a meal that blew away their taste buds.

So what do you do when you want to clear your head, and find inspiration, that's right you go camping! you find a way to start over, and make your future better than your past. You think of what truly inspires you and makes you happy, and this is when Sam said "You know what? we are going to capitalize on this, we are going to show everyone that we will overcome adversity, we will open our own food haven, Furlough brothers" I thought "jeez what inspirational books have this guy been reading? - haha"

With nothing to lose, and our experiences in the food business and meat grilling over the open fire we agreed, protein bowls and cheesesteaks would be the route we take, so we set out to find the best way to start our entrepreneurial goals, we have never owned a business you see, this was going to be a challenge, and to us challenges are exciting.

So here we are in 2022, with the freshest ingredients we can muster up and bowls that will take your taste buds on as much of an adventure as we had on that camping trip. Give us a try, enjoy your meal and bon appetit friends. Thank you for your support.

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